The Time Route

Starting from Sisteron. In Beynes take the scenic route of the Geological Reserve.

Andy Goldworthy's cairn


The transverse rift valley (clue) of Sisteron with the rock of La Baume and its vertical strata, the Celtic calendar at the foot of the St. Dominic Basilica (13th), the Written Stone (5th) in St-Geniez are the first sites crossed by the Time Route.

This route allows to meet the finest natural and cultural sites of the department. Between St. Geniez and Authon the road forming a balcony above the gorges of Van on is called "the Malpas" (the wrong step)...

On the tracks of geological time


Some of these sites have a special relationship with the measurement of time: fossils for relative dating in St-Geniez, panoramas above the Van on and one of the Sentinels by Andy Goldsworthy the sundial of Thoard, the introduction todendrochronology in Mallemoisson. .

Each site is indicated by a sign featuring a visit or a short discovery hike.

Note: Halfway to the pass of Fontbelle (1304m), a picnic area has been designed by the National

Forest service.


Leaflet of the museum PDF


The art refuge of La Forest

La Forest in St-Geniez

" La Forest is an extraordinary village in ruins. The houses are a testimony to the beauty of their construction. Its disappearance has scarred this place with a deep sadness: not only have the buildings gone but the memories with them. When they fall into ruin, at least they remain, if only as a footstep.


If the stone is reclaimed or if a new building is erected in its place, a new life will take form, but to clear it all is to leave nothing.


A refuge of art

This refuge of art is equipped and allows sleeping on site. Capacity of 15 people, dry toilet, benches and tables available.


Reservation is required at the Gassendi Museum in Digne Tel 04 92 31 45 29
mail :

For sale : Map guide " les refuges d'art " 2  " l'art en marche (art in motion)" 15  at the Gassendi Museum

Guided excursions: from 4 to 6 days with mules (packsaddled) contact the Association Art en Chemin, tel 06 73 08 39 76, mail :

For other refuges d'art : Réserve géologique de Haute-Provence


Practical information

Starting point of the route :

From Sisteron, take the D3 towards St-Geniez on the left bank of the Durance River at the bridge of La Baume.

Some other hikes start at the Time Route (Route du Temps).

See also the page on the Earth and Time Museum

Map guide on sale at the Tourist Office 2€








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