Hilltop villages

Itinerary of about 85 km that allows you to visit 7 small hilltop villages and enjoy


their breathtaking panorama

Thèze village

Left and right bank of the Durance


No less than 7 villages await you.

They are settled on both banks of the Durance River upstream of Sisteron.

Each one offers a beautiful view on the iconic landscapes of the region (orchards and mountains), a

preserved or restored heritage, and churches nestled in the heart of villages and their cool narrow


Valernes village

Practical information

Leaving from Sisteron :

Villages on the right bank :

follow the D4075 towards the village of Mison

the D622 to Upaix

the D942 to Ventavon and its nice castle

Villages on the left bank :
the D104 towards Claret

the D304 to Sigoyer and Thèze

the D4 to Valernes and back to your starting point by the D951.

See also the section Sisteron and surroundings with a page on each village.

Map of hilltop villages PDF








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