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Gastronomy and Markets


Culinary festival for gourmets and gourmands. Take your time and


savour our cuisine !



Sheep in mountain pasture

From appetizer to dessert ?...

Sheep :  they are raised in extensive farming; shepherds lead their flocks to graze in very remote pastures from the grass meadows of the Crau to the highest alpine routes.


The Sisteron lamb exclusively selected from local breeds (Merinos from Arles, Mourerous and Préalpes du Sud) is the result of a high quality breeding; its characteristics: this young meat is light colored, sweet and of exceptional tenderness.


Certified  Red Label since 1995 and PGI (protected geographical indication) since 2007.


The local gourmet specialty is called “pieds et paquets”. It is an ancient lamb recipe. Small pieces of lamb meat are rolled on themselves, forming little packages  stuffed with bacon, garlic, parsley and simmered in a tomato sauce, olive oil, onions, white wine and flavored with a bouquet garni. Sisteron and Marseille fight since ever for the “acknowledgement of paternity” of the original recipe.


(Not for the faint of stomach: contains offal).


Traditional meat and tripe canning : Richaud et Badet Tel. : 04 92 61 13 63 Rizzo Tél.: 04 92 61 18 40 


Lamb Feast : transhumance through the town, shows, stands, meals based on lamb meat. Every 2nd year (on even years).


Canteperdrix Calissons and nougats : delicious small sweets lozenge shaped, made of almonds, candied fruit, sugar- icing covered , called "cali soun '(= they are cuddly).      

White or black nougats made of lavender honey, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts are traditional.

Artisanal factory Canteperdrix : Tel 04 92 65 72 27. Groups visits only, from Monday to Friday. Group Service: Tel 04 9 61 36 50

Apples from the Alpes : if fruit growing in the Southern Alps dates back several centuries, it seems that around 1930  actually started its rise as the "apples and pears of the Alpes", which has Certified  Red Label since 1995 and PGI (protected geographical indication)


The climate of the Alpes de Haute-Provence (an average of 300 days of sunshine and high temperature variations), promotes the rise of sap that gives the fruit a higher sugar content and increased acidity.

Provencal market

Follow-up products and Provence markets


Olive oil : an irreplaceable product for the people of Provence; since the arrival of the Greeks during the 4th century it has taken centre stage on our local tables. It has been since the beginning considered as a panacea medicine and adopted by everyone. But all that glitters is not olive oil !  


Our special yellow-green nectar that has the body and structure of the soil where olive trees grow can only be obtained by cold pressing.  


In the Alpes de Haute-Provence Olive oil is an AOC product since 1999



Olive tree festival : on Ascension Thursday, every year in a different town



 The Banon cheese : made of sweet goat milk curd has a remarkable presentation wrapped in sweet chestnut leaves first soaked in eau de vie, and bound by a thread of raffia.  You will get addicted to its amazing and never equaled taste. 


This cheese is named after the village it originates and has got an AOC since 2003. AOC

Banon Festival : 3rd Sunday of May


Banon Ecomuseum :
Open from April 1st till mid-November, Monday to Friday from 2.30 PM. to 5.30 PM + Saturday in July and August. Free admission.


Provencal market :


in the center of town, Place de l'Horloge every Wednesday and Saturday morning. In July and August on Thusday from 4 to 8PM



Monthly Fair :


Trade Fair every 2nd Saturday in addition to the weekly market, in center of town and on different squares (bus station, town hall, church square).


Brochure of markets PDF


Local producers, organic producers

 For fans of local consumption, producers of organic farming are widespread.

Producers of Sisteron municipality :

- GAEC le Champ des ânes in Entrepierres: AOC olive oil, market gardening. Market sales.

- GAEC Domaine d'Aragon in Entrepierres: Seabuckthorn juice and jelly, blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry jam, fruit coulis and nectars. Farm sales.

- GAEC des Eglantines in St-Geniez: beef and veal meat. Sales on order.

- GAEC des Costeliers in Chateauneuf-Miravail: goat cheese AOC. Farm sales

- GAEC du Pré des poiriers in Noyer-sur-Jabron: lamb meat red Label. Sales on order



Organic markets and fairs :

- Tuesday : Aiglun from 3.30 PM to 7 PM

- Thursday : St Auban afternoon + Forcalquier all year long

- Saturday : Pierrerue , labeled farmer market

- Fair in Montfroc : 1st weekend of October

- Fair in Serres : 4th Saturday in May

- Fair in Lagrand : in August

- Fair in Embrun : mid-September



Stores and cooperatives :

- Bio Pastel : 2 allée Bertin 04 92 62 65 41 from Monday to Friday 8AM-1 PM and 3 PM to 7PM, 4 Pm to 7 PM  in July and August. Saturday 9AM to 1 PM.

- Biocop : 52 av.J.Jaurès  04 92 32 54 90 Tuesday to Friday 9AM -1 PM and 2.30-7 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM

- Bakery La Paline : 22 rue longue andrône 04 92 31 95 25  Tuesday  16-7.30PM and Friday 11AM-1.30PM   

- Coopérative L’Epeautre : 1 Rue des Grands Jardins 04 92 61 21 09 . Tuesday 9AM to 7PM Wednesday Thursday  Friday 10AM-12.30PM and 3-7 PM, Saturday 10AM to 12.30PM and 3 to 6PM

- Paniers de nos vallées : 12 rue Droite 04 92 34 37 30 Monday 9AM to 12.30PM Tuesday to Saturday 9AM to 12.30PM and 2 to 7PM








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