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Artists and craftsmen


Fine arts and cultural heritage are very interrelated.

Thanks to its heritage, Sisteron combines in town the pleasures of the


exploration and those of artistic practices.


Label "Ville et Métiers d'art"

Art exhibition

Art in the center of town

That is why the town offers a new way to bring artistic works  to the public: it hosts artists and craftsmen in its ancient center: in the rue Mercerie (Haberdashery street), rue Droite (Straight Street)  and rue Saunerie (salt storage). Sculptors, painters, mosaic artists, potters, photographers, cardboard designer, bookbinders ... await you in their workshops.


Several private and municipal Art Galleries such as "La Galerie de la Citadelle" exhibit various works and their exhibition program changes throughout the year.


16 craftsmen will welcome you with pleasure and will demonstrate their art practices to you. The town is a candidate for the label “Ville et métiers d’art” (City and Crafts).

Leaflet 1 Artist PDF

Leaflet 2 Artist PDF

SID 'painting



Association " Sist'Arts "


A collective of 12 artists from different backgrounds presenting  a wide variety of arts.

36 Mercerie Street in July August and September


Opening : Tuesday  Wednesday Friday  Saturday from 10AM-12AM and from  3PM to 7PM

: association.sistarts@


Association " Art en Ciel "


collective of Sisteron artists displaying  their works outdoors once a month in summer.
Place de la Nière, Bourg Reynaud.
They present prints, paintings, illustrations, monotypes, ceramics etc. ...


 Contact : SID 06 50 53 56 32  



Practical information

Municipal Cultural Service of Sisteron :

Cultural service manager : Mrs Armelle Brochet

6, place du Général de Gaulle - 04200 Sisteron

Tel - Fax
Follow our cultural events on the following link:

APACS : Association Pour l'Animation du Commerce Sisteronais

Tel 04 92 34 62 93    Mail :









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